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Business License

One of the myths that are still prevailing in the wholesale business is the business license and tax I.D need in order to achieve wholesale success. It is a big mistake to get such an opinion as a fact and then making such message viral all across the Internet. XXBR2 First of all getting a business license I.D is truly necessary is a true necessary step to make when you plan to incorporate your wholesale or reselling business. In my advance wholesale business opinion, it is important to get a business license if you plan to sell one hundred thousand dollars a month in sales from a retail, wholesale or reselling business. However, there is no need to get a business license when there are many wholesalers and distributors that can cut you deals for wholesale merchandise in single or in bulk amounts legally. XXBR2 There are different laws that regulate the reselling and wholesale business in many states in the USA, however, that is not an implication that you need a business license to sell wholesale merchandise. XXBR2 For example: MaxamWholesale is a wholesaler, such wholesale giant has been around for decades and they don’t require you to have a business license or tax id in order to resell there wholesale merchandise. XXBR2 Most of the wholesalers that have a website require you to enter a tax identification number, business license or both. One of the techniques I use to eliminate this kind of hassles to immediately establish a business relationship with them is to call them directly at the phone given in their website. XXBR2 I then immediately notify the wholesaler that I am highly interest in knowing the wholesale prices of such products they have in their catalog in order to have an instant buying conclusion for making business with them today. XXBR2 More than 90% of the time they will send you their wholesale catalog through the mail or they will give you a username and password to access the prices in their site for immediate business. Once you have access such site and notify your objective with them, you can start buying directly from the wholesaler or distributor online and by phone without owning a business license or tax identification number. XXBR2 What happens if they reject your catalog request? Simple, you should always have a backup plan in case such rare decision is taken upon you. So you notify them and confirm them your social security without them having to ask for it. This will show your enthusiasm from you for their business and will open you dorrs must of the time. Previously, I have used such technique and succeeded twice. Offer it in case your first plan does not work. Expect to receive more positive acceptance than rejections. XXBR2 In conclusion, needing a business license for a start up wholesale business that does not exceed one hundred thousand dollars a year in sales, is a myth. Starting cold calling every wholesaler and distributor you think will be profitable and of use for you, and start getting results instantly. XXBR2

Businesses To Start

It seems like every day, there is another news story about someone who made millions on the Internet. Whether they started their own business, invested wisely in Internet businesses, or simply capitalized on someone else’s ideas, there are more Internet millionaires popping up all over the world.

However, as often as you hear success stories, you hear about someone who was taken in by the unscrupulous practices of Internet businesses which claim to offer independent wealth, but more often just lead to financial hardship. These false business opportunities prey on parents who want to work at home to be with their children, disabled people who can’t leave the house, and all kinds of other workers who are just looking for a genuine opportunity to make some extra money.

If you have ever wanted to dive into the world of Internet business but are afraid of falling victim to a scam, you’re wise to be wary. However, you will be pleased to know that there are still plenty of valid and lucrative Internet businesses available; you just have to know how to weed out the bad and find the good.

Start Simple

When you begin looking for legitimate Internet businesses to make extra money, it may be helpful to start off by working for an already-established company. There are many industries that support telecommuting for some employees as a way to cut down on their overhead costs. You can find work as a Transcriptionist, Hotel Reservations Agent, or Customer Service Agent all from the comfort of your own home. Another way to find a well-established Internet business is through Affiliate programs that are members of the Better Business Bureau. Programs like SFI (Strong Future International) which has been a member of the Better Business Bureau, with a good standing since 1985 is one example.

Do What You Do Best

If you are ready to strike out on your own and open your own business, deciding on what type of business can be the hardest part. The best way to make money with Internet businesses is to do what comes naturally to you. If you aren’t a natural salesperson, having a business that requires you to do a lot of talking and convincing probably won’t work out well for you. When you are looking for an Internet business that you can run from home, look for those that tie in with your natural abilities.

If you are a natural artist with a background in graphic design, you can market your talent to other Internet businesses who need logos or websites designed. If you are a talented writer, there are many opportunities for Internet businesses that provide marketing material and website content for other companies. Remember: if you can’t find an opportunity that already exists, make one. Be a pioneer.

Rule of Thumb

If you would prefer to be an independent contractor or franchisee for an established Internet business, opportunities abound on the Internet. You should be wary of quite a few of them, however.

You have undoubtedly heard this one before: if you have to pay for a business opportunity, it’s a scam. You should never have to pay a company for the privilege of working for them. While this is true about 99% of the time, there are exceptions to every rule. The most notable exceptions are sites where you list your resume or bid on jobs that other Internet businesses need done on a freelance basis. You may be required to pay a monthly fee in order for the site to host your contact information.

Follow Your Gut Feeling

If you are looking at a website that promises you can start running an Internet business and begin making six figures within a month, you can be reasonably sure that it’s a scam. Look out for any outrageous claims or vague explanations. You should be allowed to ask questions and get legitimate, believable answers from these Internet businesses. If you don’t, you know it’s time to walk away.

There are many legitimate Internet businesses out there, but you have to learn how to spot a scam and be tough enough to walk away when something just doesn’t feel right. If you are patient and know what you want to achieve, you’ll be able to find an Internet business that fits with your life and allows you to do what you love.

Free Small Business Software

By Paul Wilson XXBR2 The cost of using ‘paid for’ business software has become prohibitive. Both businesses and home users are focusing on new and affordable avenues. XXBR2 The options include free software: XXBR2 StarOffice: The code base can be accessed at This is the group coordinating the development of the product. OpenOffice .org runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris as well as Mac. XXBR1 Version 5.2: enhances browser compatibility and has the latest security and performance related enhancements. XXBR1 602ProPC suite: Free after registration it is MS office compatible. XXBR1 EasyOffice Freeware: For personal use, it has ten applications; a text speech program and Adobe PDF file creation. XXBR1 GNOME Office: A part of the free GNOME Desktop for UNIX, many of the applications are stable to use but in development. XXBR1 K Office: Runs on UNIX, Linux, and FreeBSD, the office suite has eight important applications. XXBR1 1.0: Based on StarOffice 5.2, this is a complete system offering word processor, spreadsheet, drawing program, presentation program, and equation writing. Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Solaris. XXBR1 RagTime Solo: Designed for desktop publishing, built in functions include: word processing, spreadsheet, and graphics. This is free for personal use. XXBR1 SOT Office 2002: Runs on Windows and Linux and has, a word processor, spreadsheet, a drawing program and a presentation program. XXBR1 XXBR2 These are just a few examples from the many options available. Most of the above are high quality and glitch free. There are no initial costs or upgrading pressures. Most work efficiently on older computers which means, one can exit the cycle of constant forced upgrades. XXBR2 Free software offers a freedom for the user to run, copy, understand, as well as modify the software. There are no restrictions, the program can be adapted to suit specific needs, and, it can be distributed along with the adaptations/improvements. The term free denotes access to the source code and not only to costs. XXBR2 The advantages are: XXBR2 Cuts down capital outlay. XXBR1 Is constantly evolving as users provide valuable inputs and feedback. XXBR1 One can make modifications. Go beyond the interface and understand the workings. Plenty of user group support is available. XXBR1 Access to the source code increases user options. Permits unrestricted use of software, permits free sharing, as well as individual modifications. XXBR1 No obligations to the company. Freedom from dependencies on multinational companies who create a monopoly. XXBR1 Little or no maintenance and upgrade problems. Extends the lifespan of older hardware. XXBR1 Many are fast, hardy, as well as reliable. This can be credited to the open system of development, implementation, and testing. XXBR2 However, one must find out if there are any disadvantages to the free software selected for use. XXBR2 Consider: XXBR1 XXBR1 Is the software established? XXBR1 Are updates, patches, and new features freely available? XXBR1 What about support? XXBR1 How widely is the software in use? XXBR1 Is documentation understandable and complete? XXBR1 Are there any maintenance costs? XXBR1 Is there a forum that helps in case of problems? XXBR2 Make a detailed study of your needs, then study all the options in operation, if a related business is using a particular system find out their experience and why they chose the system. Knowledge is power and a reliable guide. XXBR2

Small Business Tips

You have probably been looking for an online promotion company strategy, which is complex and confusing and had no luck. I will give an overview of what to do every day to succeed with Internet marketing business strategy. There is a four-step process that follows the success of each distributor. You must have an item and other products for use as a means to achieve additional sales. It is preferable to start creating your own item, because it gives the opportunity to follow the web promotion company strategy. Therefore, you will most definitely often be your own manager and perform whenever you want. Since, with a web based promotion company, you perform online and many things operates through the internet, you can log in for few hours or just for about half an hour and check how your online promotion company is going. Therefore, you will most definitely often be your own manager and perform whenever you want. Since, with a web based promotion company, you perform online and many things operates through the internet, you can log in for few hours or just for about half an hour and check how your online promotion company is going. XXBR2 The online promotion company strategy is the first to produce visitors. There are three primary ways to produce visitors. Paying for keywords on Google like Google or Yahoo. The home of the third generation of visitors is through seo. That means you have to do a market and keyword and key phrase research and keyword and key phrase in making websites and links to websites. The second stage of the online promotion company strategy is to route visitors to your home-page email capture. More ever, only studying is not enough you will have to keep implementing the techniques and techniques engaged in any process of promotion. No issue you use movie system to make your Internet marketing business, Facebook or myspace system, Tweets promotion or appropriate boards to obtain your achievements. Therefore, you will most definitely often be your own manager and perform whenever you want. Since, with a web based promotion company, you perform online and many things operates through the internet, you can log in for few hours or just for about half an hour and check how your online promotion company is going. XXBR2 Whatever the method you use, just give away your information, valuable guidelines information and you will see your achievements is not for away from you. Listening to somebody informing you daily to do this and that can be annoying. Therefore, you will most definitely often be your own manager and perform whenever you want. Since, with a web based promotion company, you perform online and many things operates through the internet, you can log in for few hours or just for about half an hour and check how your online promotion company is going. Therefore, you will most definitely often be your own manager and perform whenever you want. Since, with a web based promotion company, you perform online and many things operates through the internet, you can log in for few hours or just for about half an hour and check how your online promotion company is going. XXBR2

Small Business Loans With Bad Personal Credit

This article is for those whoever have had the misfortune of falling to bad credit rating. It should surprise and delight many of you, that small business loan for people with bad credit rating is available. XXBR2 Now the question arises; how can one avail of such financing. Well, read on…. XXBR2 To be frank, don’t even think of going to banks. No bank worth its salt is going to touch your business loan if you have personal credit score less than a certain limit. But there’s much more to the business lending than just banks. XXBR2 For other types of lenders, your personal and business credit score will still be important parameters, but not to the same degree as the Banks. XXBR2 Let me explain the credit score first. In short, your credit score is a numeric result generated from an algorithm used by the credit reporting agencies to determine an overall level of credit worthiness. The algorithm considers multiple factors that contribute to your overall score. XXBR2 Bad credit score apart; following can also make you a bad credit candidate: XXBR2 NSF Checks XXBR1 Recent Late Payments XXBR1 Historical Bankruptcy XXBR1 Loan Write-offs and Settlements XXBR1 Credit In Arrears XXBR1 Numerous Credit Inquiries XXBR2 Remember; the more recent your repayment bouncing, the more difficult it will normally be for you to acquire any type of financing. XXBR2 Take the following steps before applying for bad credit loans: XXBR2 Separate your business credit from your bad personal credit by forming a corporation or LLC (Limited Liability Company) and applying for an EIN (Employer Identification Number). XXBR1 Use your EIN to establish a business credit profile completely separate from your bad personal credit. XXBR1 Build a strong business credit profile while repairing your poor personal credit. XXBR1 Prepare separate financial statements for your business. XXBR2 Bad credit financing is mostly provided by asset based lenders or cash flow based lenders. XXBR2 Asset based lenders provide financing against assets such as: real estate or machinery. XXBR2 Bad credit financing from asset based lenders can be very expensive. They are also very stringent in case of a miss in repayment: they seize the assets pledged as soon as possible as per law to liquidate them. XXBR2 Success in securing bad credit financing depends on the following factors: XXBR2 – Your ability to explain; why and how the bad credit happened and how you tried to avoid all that. XXBR1 – Your short term ability to repay. XXBR1 – The type and quality of the assets and/or cash flow. XXBR2 Business Cash Advance, a Good Alternative: XXBR2 You can also opt for cash advance. Business cash advance is not a loan and the organization offering this cash advance gets their money from the credit card sales that the business does in a specific period, there by reducing the burden of paying back the loan, and the terms and conditions to qualify for such cash advance are also relatively simple. XXBR2 There are quite a few organizations which provide such cash advances. Organizations like MerchantCashDirect mostly provides cash advance for working capital needs. They more generally than not, target specific industries. To expand the example of above mentioned organization: They seek to provide funds to people into restaurant, retail or service industry processing at least $4000 in credit card receipts per month. XXBR2 You can not wish away your bad credit history, but you can improve your bad credit financing options by starting to pay your debts on time, thereby reducing as much debt as possible. XXBR2

Set Up A Small Business

XXBR2 If you are in the credit repair business and you are looking for a credit repair business opportunity, you may need to consider purchasing credit repair leads. XXBR2 Credit repair leads are considered a good business opportunity because normally people who go to specific sites and fill out forms specific to credit repair have committed themselves to finding a company and a person to help them. XXBR2 With a credit repair lead, you will have a likely customer who is serious about having repair work done to their credit report. Otherwise, they never would have come as far as putting a phone number or e-mail out there for contact purposes. XXBR2 These likely customers are not merely thinking about it, or just playing with the idea, they are truly serious and they are waiting on a phone call. XXBR2 Of all the credit repair business opportunities available, purchasing credit repair leads is perhaps one of the best. Basically, the likely customer has come to you, and provided you with their information before you have even made contact. XXBR2 Keep in mind, like all business opportunities, credit repair business opportunities need to be researched before any kind of commitment or investment is involved. XXBR2 If you are considering purchasing credit repair leads, be sure to research the company you are purchasing them from. XXBR2 Call and speak with one of their customer service rep’s and find out how they obtain their credit repair leads and what the process is for obtaining them in a timely fashion. XXBR2

Owning A Small Business

Having your own world-wide-web business might be very exciting. You have the opportunity to generate an income without the overhead costs of actually opening a physical location. Proper marketing of your world-wide-web business is essential. Without having a way to draw consumers to your business, whoever will you succeed? Most world-wide-web business owners are looking to secure a low maintenance yet profitable business. They goal is to make it work without letting it take over your life. XXBR2 A good way to inform consumers about your business is to generate an online newsletter. This might be emailed to current consumers, likely consumers, and any other networking groups. The goal is to identify your target market, and email as many on that list as possible. It is much cheaper to email thousands of newsletters than it is to actually mail them. You might have to purchase an emailing list from an affiliate, but that cost is generally very minimal. XXBR2 Creating a blog is also a good way to spread the word about your online business. Remember to keep the content of your blog interesting and updated mostly all few days. This will often keep readers coming back for more. You can also add a link to your blog to make connecting to your website easier. XXBR2 For a small fee, you can use search engines including Yahoo and Google to your advantage. Used correctly, adwords on these search engines are proven to flood your site with traffic from likely consumers. Make sure your website is attractively designed. If not, you will not hold a surfers attention long enough for them to consider making a purchase from your website. XXBR2 If you have a small budget that you can use for advertising, consider using an online advertising company. They are after low cost, and can offer you ideal ways to promote your business on the internet. Make sure any such business is accredited before you work with them. Check with the Better Business Bureau, ask for references, and surf the world-wide-web for reviews about their service posted by other users. Don’t get conned into giving your hard earned money to a fly by night scam artist whoever will take your money and run. XXBR2 If you have a larger advertising budget, you can purchase the services of an online advertising promoter. Not only will the produce quality advertising for you, they will offer you tools to analyze your website traffic. You will be able to view how several people are coming to your site, what features are most looked at, and other pertinent information. This type of advertising company can help you analyze the collected data, and then suggest changes based on that information. XXBR2 Running your own online business might be exciting, yet stressful to get up and running. Marketing is a key aspect of running an online business that too several people ignore. If possible, invest all the funds you can into good marketing materials. It will definitely make a huge impact on the traffic to your website as well as on likely sales. XXBR2

What Is A Sba Loan

Multifamily apartment construction loans are preferred when a person needs to construct a building to earn regularly. Loan facilities serve to be really very useful for the people in making several kinds of investments to initiate their business activities. Taking funds and constructing the multifamily apartments is a long term investment that should ensure your regular income through these ventures. SBA 7a loans are also among the loan options that you can take in order to start and develop your business by fulfilling even the minutest requirement that it asks for. Thus, the similarity between both these forms of loan options is that both of them are the long term investments for ensuring your future security. XXBR1 Based on the needs and requirements of the loan seekers, numerous schemes and programs have come into existence in case of the multifamily apartment construction loans. Several of the properties may be under-performing but profitable. These apartment building loans can also be utilized if you feel that after renovation, the property value would increase. The overall re-structuring should ensure the enhancement of the look and appearance of the property, thereby confirming increased sales that might yield a huge amount of money. On the other hand, the SBA 7a loans exhibit various distinct features that include high levels of leverage, ability to revolve working capital, and equipment costs into the loan. These attributes, however, are really beneficial for the loan seekers. XXBR1 As far as the SBA 7a loans are concerned, the underwriting process standards are suppler as compared to the typical traditional commercial loans. In case of the multifamily apartment construction loans, if you possess an experiencing eye and you find a property that may not be in a proper use, but still has an eye-catching trait, you may obtain the construction or purchase loan for restructuring or renovating it to increment its overall cost. The cost of the property completely depends on its condition. The more proper the condition more will be the sum of money you could grab. Thus, it is always advised to keep your property in a well-maintained condition to increase its value from time to time to take initiatives in enhancing your overall earning. XXBR1 Multifamily apartment construction loans enable you to construct or re-structure your apartment building. Once it re-appears as a new product, long queue will emerge outside to buy it. Increase in the demand of your property will ultimately give you an opportunity to price it at a lump sum limit. This will allow you enjoy a huge amount of money in return to the sale of the property that you have restructured or constructed. Lower debt coverage ratio is the unique feature of the SBA 7a loans because of such a depressing economic scenario. XXBR1 Last but not the least, both multifamily apartment construction loans and the SBA 7a loans require any of the documents for verification. These documents may involve personal as well as professional details of the loan seekers. These are any of the characteristic features of both the types of loans that the loan seekers must consider for a general awareness before getting engaged with any such deal. XXBR2

Best Online Business Bank Account

Offshore banking is becoming increasingly popular as more people recognize exactly how they could benefit from an offshore bank account and because the set up process is straightforward. If you’ve ever wondered whether you could benefit from an offshore bank account, or you’re considering opening an account but you’re not sure which one to go for, this guide has been written with you in mind. Generally speaking anyone is free to open an offshore bank account. In fact, offshore banking has been widely used for many years by both individuals and organizations worldwide. Specifically an offshore bank account can also be of benefit to some expatriates residing in low or no tax countries as any interest earned on offshore bank deposits is paid without the deduction of taxation. XXBR2 What is Offshore Banking? XXBR2 Simply defined, an offshore bank account is an account held in a bank that is located outside your country of residence. XXBR2 Asset Protection Structures XXBR2 If you’re going to go out now to have your offshore asset protection started, consider the best offshore banking structure: The foundation/corporation. A foundation is an offshore asset protection tool that may be used in the form of a trust. A foundation can hold all your assets and have a bank account, but a foundation can not conduct business. When a foundation owns a corporation, which owns a bank account, this is the only powerful privacy protection offshore structure you’ll ever need. So if you have your offshore corporation in a foundation, you can conduct your business through the offshore account and plan your income taxes accordingly. XXBR2 Panama has a number of unique attributes that make this a good asset protection jurisdiction for corporations, foundations, banking and stock brokerage accounts. It is also known as one of the world’s greatest haven for keeping and securing the cash assets of corporations, businessmen and individuals. XXBR2 Tax Considerations XXBR2 Most countries have no restrictions on where your business interests, investments or bank accounts are located; it is simply your responsibility to report any income you earn to the appropriate tax authority. You will need to establish a suitable structure in a tax friendly country to gain access to some of the better opportunities available, which is reason enough to go offshore for some even ignoring the tax benefits. Any business that is conducted outside of Panama isn’t taxable through Panamanian income tax. XXBR2 Offshore Banks XXBR2 Virtually all offshore banks want to receive some form of evidence of the account signatories’ identity. Several offshore banks, but not all, request that letters of reference from another bank is provided by account signatories. Some offshore banks go even further: they demand that a bank reference each be given by all directors and shareholders of the company. Sometimes an introduction by a party known to the offshore bank (such as an existing customer) is accepted instead of a reference. A fair number of offshore banks still happily open company accounts without any references at all. Some offshore banks provide their own resolutions for the directors to sign. XXBR2 Internet Banking Security Concerns XXBR2 You can shield your internet movements using an anonymising service. Privacy, on the internet, is created by technological means. In fact, the internet has become the global, no barriers, free market. XXBR2 Privacy XXBR2 Most (maybe all) traditional jurisdictions are no longer suitable for asset protection, privacy and confidentiality. When a foundation owns a corporation, which owns a bank account, this is the only powerful privacy protection offshore structure you’ll ever need. XXBR2 Jurisdiction XXBR2 Usually such an account is located in a low tax jurisdiction and offers certain financial and/or legal benefits to the holder of the account. If you believe that an offshore bank account structure could benefit you, the next step is selecting the right bank, the right jurisdiction and of course the right account type. There are jurisdictions where banks are under legal obligations to seek references, and there are banks that request references despite any legal obligation to do so. Policies vary greatly across offshore banks and jurisdictions, so make a choice that is acceptable to you. XXBR2 Belize XXBR2 Offshore banks in Belize provide their customers with various services including internet and international banking services. You don’t have to worry about confidentiality though; Belize banks will strongly protect any information you provide. The government has created banks secrecy laws which provides harsh penalties for anyone who would violate the secrecy provisions, except when a client is under a criminal investigation in Belize. XXBR2 Panama XXBR2 Panama has a number of unique attributes that make this a good asset protection jurisdiction for corporations, foundations, banking and stock brokerage accounts. Any business that is conducted outside of Panama isn’t taxable through Panamanian income tax. Panama is the most secure banking jurisdiction today, because Panama backs up its strong bank secrecy laws with real life enforcement. Other jurisdictions like Belize (mentioned above) have been known to be lax in their enforcement. Its one thing to have strong banking secrecy laws and its quite another to enforce them. XXBR2 As a general guide it is often more discrete to establish your offshore structure in a location far from your residential jurisdiction. Panama has a number of unique attributes that make this a good asset protection jurisdiction for corporations, foundations, banking and stock brokerage accounts. Some call Panama the Switzerland of Latin USA but this isn’t fair, Panama is far better than Switzerland and any other jurisdiction. With regard to reliability and stability make sure to investigate the laws and regulations for each jurisdiction you’re investigating. Stable governments help to keep investor trust which in turn further adds to the credibility of the banks in that jurisdiction. Some offshore jurisdictions, such as Panama, have rock solid privacy laws governing banking while others such as Switzerland no longer protect their clients in the same fashion as in the past. XXBR2

Open A Small Business

OPEN is known as the small-business team, and when it comes to applying for credit cards for your small business, OPEN is committed to providing the best service with the least complications possible. The Platinum Business Card from OPEN is an important first step in growing your small business. XXBR2 In any small business, it is imperative to maintain a cash flow. Sometimes, there simply are not enough funds in the bank in order to undertake that latest project. That latest project, however, is essential in securing more revenues for your company. So what is the ideal solution for the small business owner? XXBR2 One possible answer is that you can apply for a business credit card. A business credit card is a great way to get the cash reserves you need in a timely manner for your business. Generally speaking, business credit cards will offer you a much greater line in terms of cash advances and credit than a personal bank line of credit or a personal credit card could ever offer. Quite simply, credit card companies are aware that business generates revenue, and advances paid in order to grow companies are far more likely to result in profit instead of risks. XXBR2 OPEN is now offering their platinum business card to small businesses. The card is available through an easy application process, which is made even easier if you are already an American Express card holder. The forms you must fill out in order to apply for your Platinum Business Card are non-intrusive, and do not ask for a lot of personal information. XXBR2 When you begin using your Platinum Business Card, you have the option of making payments to your credit or pay in full. You will be penalized for utilizing neither option. For the first 12 months that you use the card, you’ll be charged a 0% APR. In addition, there is no annual fee in order to be able to use your Platinum Credit Card. You may also receive unlimited fee free additional cards, as well as all the benefits of online account management. XXBR2 Additionally, people who use the OPEN’s Platinum Card have the opportunity to enroll in the membership rewards program. This program combines with several other businesses, such as Hertz and AT&T in order to provide American Express use with a full range of discounted services. XXBR2 The Platinum Business Card offers a $50,000 line immediately to new applicants. You’ll also qualify for their full range of protection services, including insurance protection and emergency services (such as card replacement, check cashing, at hotel check-in). Finally, the Platinum Business Card offers a help line 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer any questions or concerns you might have. XXBR2