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Bachelor Of Business Administration In Management

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree combines a strong general education core with a broad based business curriculum with a quantitative emphasis to emphasize both the liberal arts and professional business education. To further enhance their education and preparation for professional careers, students are strongly encouraged to complete a minor, take at least six hours of a foreign language and /or participate in study abroad programs and University mission trips. The Business Administration is designed for the traditional and non-traditional to meet the needs of the business market for relevant content and application. XXBR2 Student who successfully complete the Business Administration degree will be able to apply the fundamentals of financial and managerial accounting, utilize key financial principles in building a firm’s managerial strategies, evaluate an organization’s performance as it relates to economic theory, integrate leadership theory into daily functions of an enterprise, implement critical thinking principles into the decision-making process, interact with marketing teams to provide a cohesive approach to corporate image, and understand key aspects of the legal environment. XXBR2 The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree combines a strong general education core and a broad-based business curriculum with a quantitative emphasis to stress both the liberal arts and professional business education. To further enhance their education and preparation for professional careers, students are strongly encouraged to complete a minor, take at least six hours of a foreign language and /or participate in study abroad programs and University mission trips. XXBR2 Our Objectives: XXBR2 The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration provides students with knowledge and skills that apply to any business, whether working for another or developing their own. Students who complete a business degree would fit in any one of the following fields like Private Corporations, Non-profit Organizations, Small Business Owner. XXBR2 Apply the fundamentals of financial and managerial accounting, Integrate financial principles into the firm’s management process, Evaluate the performance of firms and the economy using economic theory, Understand the international interdependencies of the US economy, Articulate management principles and leadership theory, Organize statistics to assist in decision-making, Describe basic marketing principles, Appreciate key aspects of business law to promote legal awareness. XXBR2 The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration provides students with knowledge and skills that apply to any business, whether working for another or developing their own. Apply the fundamentals of financial and managerial accounting, Integrate financial principles into the firm’s management process, Evaluate the performance of firms and the economy using economic theory, Understand the international interdependencies of the US economy, Articulate management principles and leadership theory, Organize statistics to assist in decision-making, Describe basic marketing principles, Appreciate key aspects of business law to promote legal awareness. XXBR2 Victory University concentrates on the fields like, Finance, Management, Marketing etc, to improvise the students strategy in Business Administration field. The Business Administration is designed for the traditional and non-traditional to meet the needs of the business market for relevant content and application. More on XXBR2

Business To Business Online Marketing

XXBR2 Are you a marketing professional looking to move away from your current job? Do you love the marketing industry, but are tired of office politics? Do you wish that there was a way to take all of your skills and incorporate them into a home based business? If this sounds like you, you are in luck. There are many people in your shoes that have turned their love of marketing into a very successful home based business. Without a little bit of skill and determination, you may be able to take your years of experience and parlay them into a great work from home marketing job. XXBR2 Starting a home based internet marketing business is not for everyone; but if you have a love for marketing, and the desire to run your own company, this opportunity may be for you. XXBR2 Obviously, if you want to start your own home based internet marketing business it would help if you have some background experience in the industry to fall back on. This is always helpful because it will cut back on your start up time, and will also allow you to offer a higher level of service to potential clients. Being able to tell clients that you have 15 years of marketing experience will go a long way in securing you a lot of work. XXBR2 The great thing about starting an internet marketing business is that you should have no problem getting your name in front of potential customers; after all, you are an internet marketing specialist! You will want need to set up a webpage where you outline what your company does, as well as your past experience. By doing this clients will be able to visit you on the web, and make a quick decision on your abilities. XXBR2 Many people are not sure of what the internet marketing industry consists of. When you are running an internet marketing business, you are going to be showing your customers how to increase web traffic, etc. This is hard for some people because they are used to more traditional means of marketing such as direct mail, etc. Even though you can offer these services, your main goal will be to convey yourself as an internet marketing specialist. XXBR2 Starting a home based internet marketing business is not for everyone. Most of the time, the people that are most successful in this field have some sort of past experience. But if you don’t have experience, and you are still interested, you can still give it a go. There is nothing wrong with researching the industry, and trying to learn as much as possible as you go along. XXBR2 Home internet marketing businesses have become very popular. If you are looking for a way to become more independent, you may want to consider this option. XXBR2

Corporate Tax Rates By Year

The Canadian Department of Finance has decided to reduce the overall corporate taxation rate in the country from 18 per cent to 16.5 per cent. The new rates would be valid from 1st January 2011. The Department of Finance announced a further corporate tax rate cut from 1st January 2012 when the tax rate would be lowered to only 15 per cent. These new corporate tax rates are one of the lowest in the world and economists hope that this will immediately fuel massive investments to the country from all over the world. XXBR2 Reducing the corporate taxation rates are one of the ways Government of Canada is looking at battling the economic downturn. Although Canada performed much better than some of the other developed nations in both North America as well as Europe, there are still signs of economic difficulties to come in the New Year. Of course the most important effect of economic difficulties is on the job market. Whenever economies are faced with complex challenges, there are immediate job losses. Once there are job losses, there is low consumer confidence making things worse for the economy. Hence creating jobs and sustaining job growth in the Canadian economy is one of the main priorities of the Government. Also with the new taxation rates announced, it is hoped that companies will have a better return on investment and thereby invest further in its operations and growth. Obviously more the investment, better are the prospects for the job market. XXBR2 As of now, while Canadians are doing better than their counterparts in other countries, there are still a few issues faced by them. Most Canadians are spending their entire paycheck and living month to month. These individuals are at a risk of financial turmoil just in case they lose their jobs or take a pay cut due to any volatility in the economy. As a matter of fact, many Canadians rely on short-term loans such as payday loans to manage their monthly budgets. They take cash advances against their next paycheck to pay off utility bills and other expenses. They even use loans such as payday loans to meet with urgent expenses due to unforeseen circumstances. The new Canadian corporate taxation rates are expected not just to create more jobs but to protect the current jobs as well in the market. Also with job security, Canadian families can manage their finances and plan their future without having to deal with unexpected situations arising due to an unstable economy. XXBR2 XXBR1

How To Market Your Photography Business

What’s the fastest way to success? Find a mentor. XXBR2 And not only any mentor; but someone who’s “been there, done that”. In every industry there are always people that have achieved what you are hoping to achieve yourself. The key to success if finding those mentors, and following what they did. Mimic their actions and you have a sure-fire way to the top. XXBR2 Once you’ve connected with a top mentor, there are other things you can do to make certain your success. Having a mentor is a great starting point. But having the systems in place to handle the business are also important. XXBR2 1. Study the business side. As a photographer, I understand that part of the fun of owning a studio is photographing. That’s what your passion is. But never forget you are running a business, and the business has to be kept in order. If your business doesn’t stay in business, you will not be able to continue photographing. So make it a part of your daily process to study how to make your business a better business. XXBR2 2. Implement marketing structure. If you’ve ever known a photographer that has gone out of business, chances are its because he did not have enough paying clients in his studio. You can be good at photographing, but you have to be even better at marketing. Marketing is what brings the people through your doors, and ultimately turns them into paying clients. Concentrate on becoming the best marketer possible. XXBR2 3. Evaluate production. In every business, there’s always something you do well, and something you would prefer never to do. Every business owner wears a multitude of hats throughout the day. But a great business owner learns how to release the hats that make her miserable, and concentrate on what she does best. So if you hate accounting, hire a bookkeeper. If you hate marketing, hire a consultant. If you hate production, hire an employee. Releasing your “hate” jobs will free up time to spend doing things you love to do, and will ultimately make you better at the business. XXBR1 XXBR1 4. Plan, plan, plan. A great business owner will have a plan in place, and know where the business is heading. She will know her goals, and monitor them throughout the yr to make sure she’s on track. If planning has never been easy for you, make it easy. Your plan doesn’t have to be more than a page of notes. Just describe your goals for the business, and create the steps that it will take to get you to your goals. XXBR2 5. Search for knowledge. Your business is like a jigsaw puzzle. It has hundreds of tiny pieces that fit together, and it’s your job to finish the puzzle. Everyone starts with the first piece, and connects it to another. And continues to build from there. The only way to add another piece to your puzzle is to find out a new piece of information that will make the connection. So learn what you can, and study from the best. XXBR2 You’ll be amazed at what you can create. XXBR2

Small Businesses That Are Successful

Many online successful home businesses use affiliate programs as the main model for making profits and with such tiny risk involved it is a very popular method for starting a business online. The affiliate has zero advertising costs, no product development issues, no inventory to keep up with and no overhead expenses including salaries, stores, benefits and so on. During times when many businesses may have their entire life’s worth on the line, the affiliate is risking nothing more then time and the costs of hosting a web site. XXBR2 The one major risk an affiliate may run into is if the affiliate program they are marketing online was to go out of business themselves. For example if a webmaster or marketer spent the last five years building a business around an affiliate program and now has a thousand pages all selling products for that program and the merchant was to “go under” so will the affiliate, at least until they can find a new program that’ll work for the site. Then the affiliate will have to go and replace all the links and products they are selling and add the new ones before any profits can be coming back into the business. Successful home businesses built around the affiliate method often try and diversify to avoid this risk. XXBR2 Diversifying is always wise in any business and really anything at all because it always reduces risks. People diversify their investment portfolios for the same exact reason. The old saying “putting all your eggs in one basket” rings true with online business and especially the affiliate business through a web site. The risks can be drastically reduced by just doing a couple tiny things before launching a web site business and building it to such a large site as a thousand pages. XXBR2 Make sure before just joining an affiliate program that it is a rock solid company and a top program to join. Look for other reviews of affiliates using the program and look for traffic results. Look for how long they’ve been in business. You only need to be involved with the top few affiliate programs for a certain category of the site. Also you need try and have each affiliate program for the category to come from a different back end supplier. By this I mean that affiliate programs are mostly created by a third party or creates and manages the program for a company. There are a handful of different companies that supply the “affiliate program” services for businesses. Try and pick a solid program from different back end suppliers, this way if an entire affiliate program service provider goes down there are still other revenue streams coming into the business. XXBR2 A web site business which is focused only on one affiliate program for their entire site has much more risk involved then the site which has the ten different programs coming from five different third- party suppliers. Successful home businesses comprehend the importance of drawing revenue from multiple avenues and using affiliate programs to add related products to their site. This technique automatically creates more revenue for the business as well because if visitors are not looking to purchase one product being offered on the page perhaps another product on the page is what they needed or want. XXBR2 The affiliate whoever provides multiple merchants and a variety of different but related products or services on their pages reduces risk dramatically while increasing income potential. A few things to look for in an affiliate program include highest quality products, high quality and professional site, deep linking to products (ability to link to any page or product of the site not only the homepage), great payment model for highest conversions, great commission pay out and top affiliate support. Other features that make a great affiliate program include lifetime cookies or commissions and a second tier to the program so anyone whoever joins from your recommendations means you collect commissions for their sales as well. Do some research and see what others say about the programs and if they meet these requirements. Using the best affiliate programs means building a successful home business that bring in profits. XXBR2 Things to try and avoid in affiliate programs include any unethical conduct, bad support, late or lack of payments, conduct in spamming practices, problems when joining the program, unfair clauses in the agreement and bad looking unprofessional web site. If the products are not high quality they should be avoided also, an online business needs to create credibility and trust from their visitors and selling bad products just for a commission will hurt a business mostly all time. Repeat customers and word of mouth buzz can only be achieved through providing visitors with great information and high quality products that they love. XXBR2 The major risk factor of affiliate marketing can be avoided by doing some simple things such as researching the affiliate programs for any red flags. By adding multiple high quality affiliate programs and merchants to a site provides diversify which reduces this risk dramatically. Multiple programs will also increase income for the business by capturing sales that may have been missed by not providing different but related products to visitors on the pages of the site. Successful home businesses use many different merchants and programs providing related products from different third party affiliate program service companies to maximize revenue and minimize risks. XXBR2

Shop Small Saturday

XXBR2 Dolphins, which we already know are unusually bright, especially for mammals without arms or legs, are apparently even smarter than we suspected. In a recent study of dolphin behavior, it was determined that the clever mammals can make a series of squeals and squawks that another dolphin will recognize as his or her name. XXBR2 What has not been widely reported is, the dolphins, once their ability to speak was discovered, were willing to engage in a far more detailed description of their plans. It seems they’ve determined, in their affable way, that the oceans, as presently polluted, are incapable of providing a hospitable home for the long-term. So they’ve concluded they must eventually move out onto the land. XXBR2 Their first efforts to excape the thrall of the ocean, which were mistaken by us as their sonar gone awry, left a number of them washed up on beaches where they, unfortunately, expired. As a result of these unfortunate experiences, they’ve learned that the adaptation will take some time. XXBR2 In an effort to give evolution a boost, they’ve begun to imitate some of the more simple-minded activities we landlocked humans indulge in, among them, Saturday night poker. XXBR2 So now, on any given Saturday evening, the leaping over-achievers can be seen gathered round a reef, gaming away. XXBR2 As they continue to prod their genes, they expect to imitate increasingly complex human activities and eventually move onto the land as our equals, if not something even grander. XXBR2 As one unusually forthcoming dolphin confided to a researcher, “Hey, if the finny ancestors of human beings could learn to live on land, what’s to stop a bunch of intelligent mammals like us from figuring it out?” XXBR2

Step By Step Starting A Small Business

XXBR2 Home Base Business and the dream of working from your own home, by your own terms and hours is a dream shared by many, but the unfortunate thing that happens, is they ‘Fail’ because they started it for all the wrong reasons.
XXBR2 This almost happened to me. My dream of having my own home base business was almost a distant memory until I was forced to make one of the BIGGEST decisions of my life and that was to get a Mentor.
XXBR2 I’m not saying you have to go out and get a mentor, I’m just sharing with you what I did in order to make my dream a reality.
XXBR2 And my mentor was not just any mentor either, he was and still is the #1 Business Coach in North America who showed me and thousands of others what we were doing wrong and what we needed to do to make it right.
XXBR2 This was an experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life and think about everyday.
XXBR2 Who was my mentor your probably wondering?
XXBR2 Well. . . his name is Raymond Aaron, and he is the founder of the Monthly Mentor – http://www. monthlymentor. com
XXBR2 This man changed my life forever with his principles.
XXBR2 So with that said, what I’m about to share with you he taught me and is a simple system that will only take you a few minutes to do.
XXBR2 These few minutes will determine the right home base business for you, whether it is online or offline, so YOU don’t fall victim to failure like many home base business start-ups do.
XXBR2 So. . . with that said, in these next few paragraphs I’m going to show you how to pick the right business for you to start by using a simple little system I was shown that takes only a few minutes to do.
XXBR2 Believe me, this will not be as stressful as you think.
XXBR2 The first step. . .
XXBR2 Step #1. Get a pen/pencil and note pad.
XXBR2 This is the easy step. Most you have to do Right Now is get a pen/pencil and note pad to write on for the next step coming up.
XXBR2 Do you have your pen/pencil and note pad yet?
XXBR2 Step #2. Write down your TOP 10.
XXBR2 This is where your going to have to use your brain a little bit because this TOP 10 list your about to write down are the TOP 10 home base businesses you would often start-up based on your interests and passions.
XXBR2 Please. . . take a few minutes to do this. There’s no need to rush.
XXBR2 Step #3. Get rid of five of your TOP 10.
XXBR2 Okay, now it is time to make any cuts. This is where you have to really think about the 10 home base business start-ups you have written down infront of you.
XXBR2 Look at them good and hard.
XXBR2 Now it is time to get rid of the five you would MOST likely likely not start.
XXBR2 Pick wisely.
XXBR2 Step #4. Now get rid of two more.
XXBR2 It is now time to break it down your list even more by getting rid of two more of the five home base business start-ups you have listed infront of you on your note pad.
XXBR2 Remember what we are trying to do here. We’re trying to figure out the best home base business for YOU.
XXBR2 After this step you should only be looking at three home base business start-ups that you REALLY want to start.
XXBR2 Step #5. Your FINAL decision.
XXBR2 Now it is time for your FINAL decision.
XXBR2 It all comes down to this last step so make sure you make the right choice for it is the one you’re go run with to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.
XXBR2 Of the three you have left on the note pad infront of you choose the ONE that you know you would excel at and are passionate about doing Day In and Day Out.
XXBR2 This is a BIG decision.
XXBR2 Take a few minutes to REALLY think this through. . . okay.
XXBR2 Go for a walk if you have to or even sleep on it and decide in the morning.
XXBR2 It is up to you.
XXBR2 That’s all there is to it.
XXBR2 I know it seems simple from reading this article, and it is if you know how to simplify the process and not make it more difficult then it really has to be.
XXBR2 People always seem to take the hard route at these kinds of decisions(I was one of them) when it really doesn’t have to be, so if you have not already done so, go through the five steps above and give them a try so you don’t fall victim to becoming one of those home base business failures, and become one of those home base business “Successes” doing what it is you are most passionate about and love doing everyday. XXBR2

How To Market Your Online Business

XXBR2 If you own a home based business or are looking to start one, chances are very good that you are going to want to achieve a high level of success. After all, mostly all business owner dreams of taking their company to the top and making tons of money. While this may seem like a lofty goal when you start your business, there is a good chance that if you work hard you will reach your goals in the end.
XXBR2 Do you know what the most important detail that determines home based business success? Generally speaking, the opportunity that you choose will go a long way in determining your level of success. There are many income opportunities out there, and you need to know how to get started with them. The ideal way to do this is to find information on home based business and how to achieve success. One good resource for this is located at http://InternetIncomeWorks. com. You will find plenty of information that can help you to start a successful home based business from day one. And this is the goal that everybody has for themselves, right?
XXBR2 Another thing to think about when it comes to your success is the amount of time that you are willing to devote. When it comes down to it, the time that you put into a business will be directly proportionate with the success that you have. If you are willing to put a lot of time and sweat into your home based business you will be able to reap the rewards in the end.
XXBR2 Success with a home based business is more than possible. Hundreds of thousands of people from the United States to China run home based businesses that they started from scratch. There is no reason that you can’t be the next to achieve success. XXBR2

What Is The Best Bank For Business Accounts

Among the numerous smart and legal business accounting practices through which you can make the most of your money one of the best options is opening an off shore merchant account. Opening an off shore merchant account is the right choice for your credit card processing needs. These types of accounts are legal and save you money. Plus, their service is as good, if not better than the service you get on shore. XXBR2 These days, no business, however small, is complete without a credit card processing facility. The reason for this is that a large number of people prefer to pay for goods and services with debit or credit cards instead of paying by check or cash. By adding the ability to process debit and credit cards, you can serve a wider range of customers. Thus, it is a smart business practice to offer this facility to your customers. XXBR2 In order to make certain that the money paid by credit or debit cards is properly transferred from the customers’ accounts into your account you will need to open a merchant account. Merchant accounts are similar to any other bank account, but should be kept separate as business accounts for accounting purposes. XXBR2 There are plenty of companies that help you open a merchant account in the United States, but that isn’t the only place that you can open an account. There are off shore accounts available from countries in the Caribbean, Central USA, and Europe. Using an off shore account to help with your accounting needs as they relate to credit and debit cards is a good way to save money in a variety of ways. XXBR2 The first advantage of an off shore account is that your money is considered as foreign income, which is taxed at a different rate than domestic income. Of course, you must speak to your accountant or a tax attorney and understand the accounting requirements accompanying this option. Nevertheless, if you choose to open an off shore merchant account, you will most certainly save on taxes. XXBR2 The other way that you will save money is on security fees and upfront costs. You will have to block quite a bit of money to open an on shore merchant account, as many of these companies ask for hefty initial deposits for security reasons. Several banks also keep back a certain amount of your money each month, over and above the original security amount to cover charge backs. Usually, off shore accounts offer comparatively lower initial deposits and hold amounts for charge backs. XXBR2 However, off shore accounts charge higher transaction fees but the differential is much less than what you would save in taxes. The added advantage is that they provide very good service in their endeavor to attract and hold their clients. XXBR2 Without a doubt, one of the best accounting moves you can make for your business is to look into off shore merchant accounts to see if they will work for you. XXBR2

Start Up Small Business Grants

Your company has succeeded in getting the business grant in the UK that you were looking for. You got through all the applications and presentations, collected the matching funds and you are on the way to dev eloping the business or research which ever your grant is for. Now you need to keep track of your spending because the grantor is going to need to see where their money is being spent. XXBR1 Simple Balance Sheet XXBR1 You can keep a simple balance sheet with incoming and outgoing expenses and detailed descriptions of the expenses. Save all receipts to prove out the balance sheets should you be audited? There is a possibility of this if the grantor of your business grant wants to make sure money is being spent how it should be spent. XXBR1 Manage your Cash Flow XXBR1 You need a positive cash flow to prosper in your venture, pay the employees and to make the investors happy. You know the basics of positive and negative cash flow so now is the time to look ahead and give a forecast of the future earnings of the company. This is something you may not do until after the first year of business, when you have something to go by. Be realistic in your forecasting; if you are not, it can cost you your business. XXBR1 What to List for the Forecast XXBR1 Your business grant provider will need to see your forecast with your incoming and outgoing expenses, including the times there is a negative balance. It does happen but can be rectified once the reason is found. There are excellent programs of accounting software that you can purchase to make this job a lot easier for yourself, just look on the internet, or see what your support network is using. XXBR1 Remedying Negative Cash Flow XXBR1 There are many things that can contribute to a negative cash flow and this could affect your business grant terms. Make sure you run credit checks on customers and see that you are paid on time. If you are not delivering the product on time, this is an efficiency matter that needs to be corrected immediately or you will be closing your doors in a short time. Accept orders all way you can: order forms, telephone or the Internet. Make sure the order forms are easy to understand and fill out. Try identifying probable cash flow trouble and head it off before it affects business on a level you cannot recover from. Business grant websites have lots of information on how to identify problems before they become a problem for your business. Happen to be being overcharged for goods or services and have not caught the problem yet? Are your suppliers late in deliveries? XXBR1 Avoid over trading too; if you take on more than you can put out in a set number of days and still deliver the goods on time then you are overtrading. This is something that you need to avoid from the beginning and then it will not be a problem and create a cash flow problem. You need to match your production with the demand in a forecast that way you can see the cycles of production and know when you are unable to take on more orders. You will also see when you can take on extra production in the slower times. XXBR1 Keep an eye on the bottom line as well; your assets and liabilities need to be monitored to make sure that liabilities don’t become larger than the assets. There is a lot to running a productive business and it is even tougher with business grants because you have to keep records that may be scrutinized at any time to make sure you are within your terms. XXBR2